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"I love my cats socks.  I bought 3 pairs.  At the stores I would have paid double.  Being in Argentina things are so expensive here.  This is great.  Gracias" - Claudia

"My kids are always breaking little things around the house.  I purchased 4 of the bluetooth speakers and they are great and if my kids break it its fine because they were only $10 a piece.   Thank you" -  Bradley R.

"I like buying gadgets and I usually do on Ebay but its always from different vendors.  Justfor10.com gives me what I want from one place and its 10 bucks.  You can't go wrong." - Sandra

"Started getting all my items within several week.  The prices are right and it was good quality. " - M. Shoenberg

"I feel like Im at the "As seen on TV" store when I shopped here.  Love it" - Mary