Cell Phone Insurance Plans Compared: What's Worth It?

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Cell Phone Insurance Plans Compared: What's Worth It?

Updated Jan. 9: Verizon is increasing the monthly pricing for its Total Mobile Protection to $13, up from $11. The change accompanies lower deductibles, and will take effect beginning Jan. 25 for new subscribers and March 6 for existing ones. 

Smartphones are at the center of our lives. And given all the data stored inside — everything from our contacts and appointments to photos and songs — if anything happens to your phone, it can really disrupt your life. That includes those times when your smartphone gets lost, stolen or damaged.

Mobile-phone insurance is meant to help you during a phone crisis, regardless of what hardship impacts your device. But like any other type of insurance, it will cost you. Many consumers forgo the extra monthly payments of insurance and hope that they don't become one of the 35 percent who break or damage their devices within the first year.

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