Best Phone Accessories in 2019

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Best Phone Accessories in 2019

Top 10 Must-Have Accessories

2019 will be an exciting year, especially for people who are keen about technology in smartphones. Last year there were many high-tech developments that were incorporated in smartphones that we never thought would be possible few years back. Major players had transformed their devices into bezel-less curved screens, equipped with multiple powerful cameras, and powerful processors. In line with this development, we had seen introduction of best phone accessories matching these developments in smartphones.

This new year we are expecting more technology to be embedded in our devices. As early as 2018, we heard the noise about the foldable curved screen of Samsung and Apple is also developing its own flagship to counter Samsung’s newest model.

Moreover, the 5th generation mobile internet connectivity or 5G will be introduced this year and a certain mid-range smartphone manufacturer is now developing its flagship phone to be the first phone compatible with this 5G network.

So what are the top cool phone accessories this 2019? Join me to the rest of this article. 

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1. Wireless Charger

First off, is the wireless charger. Wireless charging compatibility has been a standard spec for latest smartphones since last year. This year we will see wireless technology be expanded more not only in smartphones but even in other gadgets.

Meanwhile, wired charging will not go anywhere yet since USB-C is also foreseen to be the standard USB type for all smartphones including replacing Apple’s lightning port. Nonetheless, smartphones will be equipped with dual-charging function, compatible with wireless charging and wired charging.

Wireless chargers can be seen as a charging pad, a charging stand, or even a battery case. There are dual-function wireless chargers that can store power of their own and at the same time charge your device. We can even find car mounts that support wireless charging.

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